How to play

Buccaneer is a 2-4 matey game. Each matey is dealt 7 cards to start. Each matey must collect a combination of cards that total 11 points these combinations can be from the 1,3,5,8, and 10 point cards. A metey can lay down the 11 point combination cards during their turn or play any action cards against other matey's.

Play is completed by drawing a card from the draw deck. The matey who first has three booty piles wins the round and receives a treasure chest card. The matey who wins three treasure chest cards is the best Buccaneer!

Card value and actions

Point Cards: Gold Coins 1 point, Red Ruby 3 points, Pearl 5 points, Diamond Ring 8 points, and Gold Chalice Cup 10 points. Matey's must combine cards to equal 11 points. Ex. 1 Gold Coin card and 1 Gold Chalice Cup card or 2 Red Ruby cards with 1 Pearl Card.

Action Cards:
Treasure Map card will double yer booty pile when placed on top of yer pile. This booty pile now counts as two booty piles.

Storm card can be played when you want all your matey’s to lose a card of their choice.

Peg leg use this card to be able to select a card from the draw deck.

Hook card is used to select a card of your choosing from any matey.

Eye patch card is used to ask any matey of your choice for a card you would like to have. Ex. Do ya have a Pearl? If the matey does not have the card play continues.

Monkey card will take a booty pile from a matey of your choice or just the banana card that is protecting a matey’s booty.

Banana card is used to protect yer booty. Place a banana card over yer booty pile the monkey will only be able to take the banana card and add it to the discard pile, he will not take your booty pile.

Walk the plank card is placed in front of any matey of yer choosing. That matey then loses their next turn.